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Dr. Ashimori
Dr. Ashimori
JP name 芦森博士
Gender Female
Race Human
Voice actor JP: Yuriko Yamaguchi
EN: Cindy Robinson
Anime Episode 06

Dr. Ashimori (芦森博士 Ashimori-hakase) is one of the supporting characters in Eve no Jikan. As Setoro's supervisor, she sent him to keep an eye on the Time of Eve.

She has privileged knowledge of the mysterious incident 10 years ago that left a girl wounded. When she shows Setoro this information, he is shocked to see a young girl who is quite clearly an infant Nagi.

It is possible that she is also the woman in the credits of the film, seen arguing with Nagi's guardian in front of a young Nagi. In this is true, as she does bear a likeness to her. This is not confirmed however.