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Masakazu Masaki
Masakazu Masaki
JP name 真崎マサカズ
Gender Male
Race Human
Voice actor JP: Kenji Nojima
Yuuko Sanpei (child)
EN: Michael Sinterniklaas
Anime Episode 01

Masakazu Masaki (真崎マサカズ Masaki Masakazu) is one of the main characters and the deuteragonist of Eve no Jikan.

He is best friends with the protagonist, Rikuo, and is a patron of the titular cafe.

He is even more distrustful of androids than Rikou, acting disproportionally disdainful towards almost all androids.

This is due to a traumatic childhood event where Masaki's best friend (before Rikou), his childhood android THX ( Who he calls "Tex") has his speech function disabled by his father. This is due to the fact that his father is a prominent member of the Ethics Committee and overhears the android going beyond his duties and acting compassionately towards Masaki. This causes Masaki's father to panic and meddle with the robot so that his son does not befriend the machine and become a socially-undesirable "Android-Holic".

Towards the end of his story, he discovers the truth about his still-present andorid and in a moment of danger, THX is able to disobey Mr. Masakazu's order to remain silent, in order to protect Masaki.

This is confusing at first to Masaki, until he realises that Tex can disobey The Second Law of Robotics (A robot must obey a command given by a human, unless it contradicts the First Law) as Masaki is in danger. Therefore, he must break his silence to inform him of the danger or act to stop it himself, according to the First Law ( A robot must act to protect any human in danger).

He is last seen offering to protect THX from the scorn of his father for breaking the command. Masaki says he will lie to him (a true act of compassion and self-sacrifice, as this is something a robot could not do. If Masaki's father asks why it disobeyed, it must tell the truth according to the Second Law) and escorts THX home, having regained his trust for androids and his best friend from childhood.